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Planning Newsletter – Oct 2017

by Financial Alternatives on 10/13/2017

Tax Reform or Not

  • The recent tax proposal would significantly change income taxes, but there are many important provisions that have not been specified.
  • The most noteworthy part of the proposal is a full repeal of the estate tax.
  • Due to the makeup of Congress and the expected costs of the tax proposal, some sort of compromise will be required to push any changes through.

Remembering the Last Crisis

  • The 10 year anniversary of a record S&P 500 high point is upon us, with several other crisis period anniversaries like the Lehman bankruptcy coming in succeeding months.
  • Reflecting on your experience back then and looking at the recoveries of other financial crises can help prepare you for the next one.
  • A key part of a good long-term investing experience is being able to stay with your investment philosophy, even during tough times.

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